Category: Presentations


HoloMaps Demos to AAA

HoloMaps demonstrations to AAA executives at the Auto Club HQ in Costa Mesa, California with Taqtile’s Kelly Malone. We setup a live HD feed of the holographic experience to the big screen using Spectator View. Up to 5 people experienced Taqtile’s HoloMaps via our sharing…

Jabil Blue Sky

Taqtile customer Jabil-Radius held a round table for 60 company executives at the Jabil Blue Sky lab in San Jose, California. Part of the CEO's main address to the team was a live demonstration of the Design Collaboration HoloLens app developed by Taqtile using their...

Keynote @ The Near Future

Taqtile co-founder Dirck Schou was a keynote speaker at this year's NCTA event "The Near Future" hosted with CableVision in Washington D.C. The focus of the event was rapidly emerging technologies and the infrastructure needed to deliver it to the masses, along with some critical...

HoloMaps Demos @ Microsoft

Hosted by Microsoft at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, the Taqtile team demonstrated HoloMaps to executives and key people from around the nation involved in criminal justice and interested in how mixed-reality tools can help with their trade.